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Hints and Tips for Making and Baking Desserts and Breads

Here are several helpful hints and tips for making and baking desserts and breads.

Baking with Cake Mixes - Cake Mix Conversions
Cake mixes are a great time saver in our busy lifestyles. Use these simple tips to convert your favorite cake recipe into a cake-mix-recipe.

All About Cream
All About Cream covers the descriptions of several different types of cream from chantilly to whipping.

Petite Soiree Desserts
Having an afternoon soiree, such as a baby or bridal shower, want to know what type of desserts to serve? Free your guests of having to juggle a fork and a plate, serve petite or finger desserts. These individual portions are eaten with the hands.

Cupcake Making Tips
You can make perfect cupcakes from any cake batter with these tips.

How To Stabilize Whipped Cream
Tired of your whipped cream separating by the second day? Do what the professional do.

How To Make Self-Rising Flour
Why buy self-rising flour when you can make your own?

How To Prepare to Bake
Baking is an exact science, and it is important to be well prepared.

How To Measure Flour
A good outcome in baking depends on exact measurements.

How To Frost a Cake
Here are some simple steps for frosting a cake.

How To Melt Chocolate
Here are three methods to melt chocolate.


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