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Birthday Cake

Here is a birthday cake, it is practical and at the same time it can be made fancy with Decorator Frosting (found on our site). One or more layers can be tinted by adding food coloring.
Birthday Party Cake
Here is another practical birthday cake from my mother's recipe file. It makes a lovely layer cake. You may flavor it with lemon juice if you desire.
Blue Ribbon White Cake
This has won three Blue Ribbons at three different fairs. When making the frosting make sure that you use fresh squeezed juice rather than bottled.

Romantically Sentimental Cake
This lovely layered wedding cake is decorated with beautiful pink and white flowers.
Happily Ever After Cake
Even without serving the top tier, this statuesque wedding cake serves 100. This is one of our great wedding cake pictures.
Eiffel Tower Cake
This is one of our wedding cakes that is great for a large crowd. This grand tower, excluding the top layer, serves 200.


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