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Petite Soiree Desserts

Having an afternoon soiree, such as a baby or bridal shower, want to know what type of desserts to serve? Free your guests of having to juggle a fork and a plate, serve petite or finger desserts. These individual portions are eaten with the hands.

Serving Suggestions

* Don't leave any cutting up to your guests. Have all of the desserts in individual pieces, and on small doilies or muffin cups. Then serve them on big trays.
* Don't be afraid to borrow serving trays from your friends and neighbors. Everything can be made prettier with the use of doilies.
* Don't serve any food that is overly sticky or might melt too fast.
* Have plenty of napkins.
* For your buffet table, the most important thing is a allowing for a smooth flow. If there's a beginning and an end, start with the plates and end with napkins and drinks.
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You may wish to put the drinks in another area to help keep the flow going.
* Allow for plenty of space for guests to put plates and glasses down around your house. Clear away any excess knickknacks.
* An abundance of coasters might also be needed.

Petite Soiree Recipes

Calla Lily Cookies
These cookies are so pretty you'll wish you wore white gloves and a hat for the occasion.

Decadent Truffle Tree
Sprinkles come in every color and shape. They also have occasion specific ones, as well. These can help make this table centerpiece fit your party theme.

Just when I think everyone knows this recipe, I get another request for it. There aren't many ingredients and the preparation time is minimal, but there will not be any left after your gathering, either.

Mini-Lemon Cheesecakes
These are perfect topped with any of your favorite pie fillings or curds.

Sand Tarts
Here is a nice petite shaped cookie.

Sugar Cookies
These are not just for the Christmas holidays anymore. Cookie cutters are available for every occasion, and can be found at your local cake decorating store or on the Internet. You can also decorate with occasion specific sprinkles or sugars.

Sugar Fruit Tarts
Be sure to combine a couple of fruits on each tart for variety. My favorite is the strawberry-kiwi combination.

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