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Why You Should Always Have A Budget When Planning A Party

We all love throwing parties on special occasions and want it to be a great success. Planning a party is the most difficult part. You can get ideas from other parties that you have attended, but always make sure that you never emulate the ideas or themes.

The best part about your party should be the originality and the uniqueness, making people remember it for a long time. However, big successful parties demand a lot of money and heavy expenditure, which is not possible for most of us. Thus it is important to plan the budget before organizing the party. To begin with, you should always lay down a practical budget and stick to it. You can ask your friends to help you organize and plan the party.

Your friends who are creative can give you unique ideas, which can be used for the party. If they are good artists, ask them to design or create reasonable invitation cards. If you are having a theme party, your artistic friends can make a huge backdrop for the party making it look very different.

Friends who are disc jockeys or have an incredible music collection or a karaoke machine can help you with setting up the music for the party. If you are falling short of lights to decorate your venue, request your friends to lend you their Christmas lights, instead of buying more lights. The best way to cut down the expenses is to borrow from friends and family. Usually during parties, we spend an enormous amount of money on food. Thus another way to cut down the expenses of your party is to limit the amount to be spent on food. You should throw your party at a time of the day when people have already eaten.

For instance a party after lunch will be very reasonable, as you can offer only snacks, which will help reduce the cost of the party. Or a late night party, when people have already finished their diner is also a good choice. If you are serving only snacks, they can be made at home, to cut the costs further. The key is to serve simple and easy snacks.

Decorating the venue also demands a lot of money. Thus you should keep the theme simple and innovative, to avoid heavy expenditure. You could decorate your party with streamers, balloons, ribbons and so on, which are very cost effective. If you have Christmas lights at home, they can be used in making the place look very bright.

Always use your imagination and creativity to cut down on the expenditure and use as many substitutions as you can. An expensive party doesn't always have to be successful. The important factor of a party is to have fun, which is possible even in low budget parties. You just have to be creative, original and well organized to have a successful party.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as party appetizers at


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