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Vermont Products a Delicious Palette of Flavors for Your Palate

Even people who do not know that the capital of Vermont is Montpelier might very well be aware that Vermont is the headquarters of Ben & Jerry's ice cream! In general, Vermont is a food-lover's palette of yummy food for the palate.People do not just love Vermont because of the delicious and unique flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream that are produced there, but because of other great tastes, as well. Few cheese-lovers can deny the excellent taste of Cabot cheese.And if you are wanting something a little bit sweeter than Cabot cheese, then no doubt you will be satisfied with some of Vermont's famous maple syrup. Once you taste Vermont's maple syrup, you will never look at Mrs. Butterworth the same way again ? Vermont maple syrup is on a completely different, higher level, than most any other syrup that you can buy at a regular grocery store.

Who wants refined white sugar when the best "sugar" is available in Vermont?.Overall, Vermont is such a wealth of flavors that some people crave Vermont like other people crave chocolate or a drug. Once you have lived in Vermont and have had such easy access to such wonders of taste, it can be hard to leave and to have to eat like the rest of America.

Fortunately, Vermont products are becoming more readily available. It is possible to buy Ben & Jerry's ice cream at practically any gas station. Other products like Annie's Naturals Salad Dressings are also available in your regular, corner grocery store.Of course, certain other Vermont products ? like Cabot cheese and pure maple syrup and even Vermont honey ? can be harder to come by, leaving people salivating at memories of their last meal of pancakes smothered in Vermont syrup or the last grilled cheese they ate with Cabot cheese.

Luckily, if you really need your "fix" of Vermont products, you can now buy many of them online. Even perishable items like Cabot cheese can be sent directly to your home.And if you love Vermont food products, you will no doubt love many of their other products, as well. Vermont is famous for their rustic furniture, outdoor furniture, and even their cutting boards. The wood that comes from the green hills of Vermont is used to make some very high quality pieces.

Also, perhaps you did not know it, but one of your favorite clothing manufacturers is located in Vermont, as well ? Orvis. In reality, the list of Vermont products can go on and on. For such a small state, Vermont is packed full of great taste and great products that are definitely worth checking out.Just as a warning: once you try Vermont products, there may be no going back.


Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on Vermont Products, please visit Vermont Cutting Boards.

By: Anne Clarke


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