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The Espresso Tutorial

Espresso is a concentrated drink made by extracting the flavor from coffee. It is stronger than the normal coffee. The espresso is made by forcing very hot water at high pressure into tightly packed coffee. The drink that is got is full of effervescent creamy foam on the top. Since heat and pressure are the main factors in preparing the espresso, it is made with special machines.

The machines are espresso machine, grinder and tamper. An espresso machine heats and pressurizes the water. While choosing the machine one has to bear in mind to check out the heating system and the pressure pump. If the metal used for the heater leaves metallic taste into the drink, it is better to avoid.

The heater should supply the water at right temperature. Most machines use thermostat for controlling temperature. In order that there is no temperature loss of the drink when it is transferred to the cup, the cups can be preheated. The grinder is most important to get the right grind size for the right taste.

The grinder should grind the coffee beans uniformly since the extraction time for each particle is same while producing the shot. The grinder should not heat the coffee beans while grinding and produce static charges making them repel themselves and fly out of the machine. Tampers are used to pack the ground coffee compactly. Tamp pressure should be even such that the pressure on the packed coffee spreads equally and extracts the flavor. Coffee beans with a blend of many types can make the drink have a balanced taste of all the aromas. The coffee beans are roasted in many colors, like light, medium and dark.

Darker roasts are used for espresso. Looking at the oily surface on the beans one is able to distinguish the type of roast color. An espresso drink is distinguished by its creamy layer, aroma and the concentrated liquid.

The creamy layer is effervescent in nature and this in turn holds down the rich aroma from dispersing into air. The concentrated liquid is the taste giver and is dependent on the brewing technique used. The preparation of espresso is an art in itself and requires skill in pulling the shot. The steps are: - Grind coffee to the correct grind size - Tamp it compactly - Clean the filter compartment and fill the coffee - Pull the lever if it is lever type espresso machine or just push the button when the automatic machine reaches the correct temperature.

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