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Starbucks Frappachinos Making You Fat

Are you allowing The Starbucks Frappachinos to make you fat? Did you try out their less fattening version and almost puke? Have you noticed that your belly has gained a few extra inches since you started to drink them? Well, you are not alone. Starbucks Frappachinos are making you fat, some think so.I have been traveling the country and have been to every city in our nation over 10,000 people and have been to over 2000 plus Starbucks. As I have sat down with other patrons often the subject of caffeine and sugar come up as we sit and suck down our drinks. Generally the comments start out like this. "Well I know, I shouldn't be drinking these, they are fattening as hell!" This is accompanied by a couple of pats on the gut.

They all know that it is the frappachinos that are doing it. Yet day after day they come to Starbucks and get their frappachino fix.Having traveled to many stores and many on the main routes in larger cities you see the same employees during each visit.

On one visit they are new and skinny, high energy and looking quite fit, then after a few months when you go back to that location you see they are getting chunky and after a while they are down right fat, lost their perky attitude and somewhat negative. It is a shame to see this, at first I thought the new less fattening frappachinos might be good, but when I tasted one, yuk, I almost got sick to my stomach.When patrons are asked at the counter if they would like to try the less fattening version, they often say as I have overheard in the long lines; "You know, I tried that, but I really did not like it, thanks anyway.

".If you think that your frappachino tastes are making you fat, you are probably correct.


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