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Does the idea that good food has to take a long time to make keep you from spending time cooking? There are many ways to help speed and efficiency in the kitchen. The arrangement of your kitchen, as well as the tools you use, make all the difference. Don't give up on trying to expand your skills and abilities. Try these suggestions to make gourmet cooking well within your time constraints. You might have heard the old adage, "a place for everything and everything in its place." This is a great time saving practice.

Put the same things in the same place in your kitchen and work area. You will not waste time trying to find things and get frustrated. Tools and items that are frequently used should be placed accessible and easy to get. The bowl or platter you only use at Thanksgiving can be placed in the basement or in the back of the cupboard.

It is also worth noting that you won't know if something works until you try it and you might make changes as time goes by. Don't be afraid to reorganize or adjust. The smell of bread baking alone is enough to make the senses ripple with pleasure. Don't deny your home of the enticing aromas of fresh baked goods that relax and invigorate the soul because you think they take too long. If you are among the population that think making homemade bread is a horribly long process that you do not have time for, invest in a mixer, it does all the work! While the ingredients combine you can spend your time checking a recipe, loading the dishwasher, or making a call. When choosing a mixer consider the quart size capacity of the bowl and wattage of the mixer.

This is important because a smaller, less powerful machine will not be able to handle some quantity of ingredients. More time will be spent mixing by hand and cleaning up than if you would have done it without the machine to start with. Another important thing to note about a free standing mixer is their ability to do so many different tasks. Whipping, whisking, blending, and kneading, can all be done without you participating at all. Not only does this save time, but it also saves effort, freeing up up energy for other aspects of preparation.

Another time saving product that will help you cook like a pro is a food processor. Different jobs need different sizes and so it is recommended to have a smaller and larger capacity processor. Chopping onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, nuts, etc. is quick and easy. Those items you frequently use do not need to take so much time to prepare.

Use the tools that speed your work and you will be more apt to do more of it. One of the most frustrating and time taking occurrences is running out of measuring cups or spoons because they are dirty. More than one set is needed to cook efficiently. If a cup is only used for dry ingredients it is not a problem, or if you can do all the dry ingredients first and then the wet, you solve the problem, but usually they are interchanged as you cook.

Two to three sets will allow you to be quick in measuring without having to stop and wash (and then thoroughly dry) measuring tools while you cook. Having a set of odd sized cups and spoons makes cooking and baking faster and easier also. A two cup, one and a half cup, 2 tablespoon, half teaspoon measures are a great time and ease saver. These products are worth the space they take up. The time saved making delicious dinners, breads and treats will allow you to spend time that you want to working or playing without sacrificing making good food yourself. Cooking gives so much more to a person that food on the table.

It allows for relaxation, contemplation, creativity and enjoyment. Free up unnecessary time spent in your kitchen and become the gourmet cook you have always wanted to be, but thought it just took too much time.

Emma Snow is a gourmet and freelance writer. Writing for Gourmet Living and BBQ Shop .


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