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Flat Iron Steaks are Whats for Dinner

Consumers looking for a value cut of meat in today's market should look no farther than what is known as the flat iron steak. Rediscovered in the year 2000 by Nebraska-led research, the flat iron has been growing in popularity ever since in cafes, restaurants, and in the home. (Also called the boneless top blade, this cut probably earned its "flat iron" nickname from its resemblance to the generally triangular solid irons once used to press clothing.).Flat irons are a good combination of flavor and economy and are now well known in the West and Great Plains.

One popular treatment has the flat iron served as a breakfast item accompanied by eggs, a potato, and perhaps toast.This cut is found deep within the shoulder muscle, where chuck steaks and roasts are traditionally cut. Commonly available in 5 oz. through 10 oz. portions, some meat markets are reluctant to promote it because it has become so popular that they don't have the volume necessary to satisfy their customer's needs.

In many regions of the country, you have to ask for it to get it. First come, first served.Previously slated for use as inexpensive roasts, many people feel the flat iron has the taste of chuck but the tenderness of a filet (the top blade is the second most tender muscle), and at perhaps one-half the cost in many markets. Available only in select restaurants five years ago, the Nebraska Beef Council estimates that this cut is on the menu of more than 1.300 independent restaurants and regional and national chains.

A typical 1,000 pound steer may yield only four pounds of flat iron steaks, compared with nine pounds of sirloin or fourteen pounds of rib eyes.Home chefs are advised to grill, pan broil, braise or pan fry just as you would a strip or a rib eye. Some prefer the flat iron marinated over night, drained and then cooked in the preferred manner. And for the health conscious consumer, a typical 6 oz.

serving, simmered, has only 550 calories, nearly 50 grams of protein, 0 grams carbohydrates, and a total fat content of just 44 grams.

.Don Seger manages news and information for Fairbury Steaks.

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By: Donald Seger


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