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How things have changed, cake decorating used to be so simple. You placed a candle in the middle of your cake,you smoothed over some frosting from a can on to the cake with a butter knife, and you were finished, job done. Create a decorative cake that's that little bit more special is a lot more difficult these days as there are higher standards to be met. To produce a more impressive cake you are going to have to be a little more creative. Cake decoration has skyrocketed recently in popularity as more and more people are trying to hone their cake decoration skills to a new level. Here are some tips to take your cake decorating skills to a higher level.

Cake Decorating Instructions & Tips Rule # 1 - Don't Lose Your Head Now you may have decided to bake and decorate your own cake starting from screatch.So with this new inspiration you head for the kitchen, how difficult can it be ? it's not that complicated is it? You decide to tell few people that you are going to bake a cake. You then proceed to promise you will share your cake at dinner or bring your creation to the next dinner party or potluck. The main thing here is not to get flustered. It is best not to offer your cake to other people if it is your first attempt at baking a cake. The best thing is to try out your new creation on yourself, just to be on the safe side.

Never try to bake and decorate your first cake for a really big occasion. You will find that you have put yourself under a lot of pressure to produce that perfect end result. Rule # 2 - Remember That There Is No Such Thing as the Perfect Cake When you are starting out in the world of baking and cake decorating, you may begin to wonder why your first efforts are not perfect.

When it comes down to it there is no way you can create the perfect cake. The very process of baking itself, does not allow you to end up with the perfect result The very nature of baking means that each cake you bake and decorate will be slightly off or slightly irregular. Amateur and professional chefs alike all agree that this is what makes baking so exciting and interesting. The more experienced pastry chefs realize that these irregularities can happen they just have the advantage of knowing how to cover their mistakes. Rule # 3 - Start Off Slowly Toward Your cake Creation Starting small is one of the best policies when you are baking and decorating your first cake. This means do not decide to be to elaborate when you make your first cake.

You might be setting yourself up for disappointment if you are trying to create something too elaborate for your first attempt. Start small with little decorative touches and experiments. For your first attempt at baking a cake just start small, keep it to a few simple decorative touches.

This will prevent you from setting your sights to high and being very disappointed with the end result. Keep it fun and light at first, start by using ingredients that you have never thought of before. This could be something simple such as decorating with nuts and dried fruits and even edible flower petals.

Rule # 4 - Look Through Books and Magazines For Inspiration Looking through books and magazines can give you some inspiration for your first baking and cake decorating creation. Sometimes you can find all this information intimidating, just don't let it get to you. Cake decorating and baking has come a long way since the old ways of just using butter cream. Finding cake decorating instructions and motivation is easy all you have to do is get one or two of the many books, ebooks and magazines out there.

You will also get a lot of useful ideas from these publications.

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